Saturday, March 13, 2010

February wrap up and March upcoming events

February was a very busy month for Marin French Cheese. We served up our delicious cheese and Schloss Spread at the Make A Wish benefit, paired our cheeses with about 70 awesome Petit Syrahs at Dark & Delicious, served 3,000 people at the Chronicle Wine and Food event at Fort Mason and then off to Sonoma for the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference.

This month in March we will be partying at the Amnesia Bar in San Francisco with Gordon Edgar, the author of "Cheese Monger" and mixing it up with Cheese and Chocolate at the S.F. Chocolate Salon in Fort Mason. And, then the Grandest of all cheese events begins on March 26th. The
California Artisan Cheese Festival will begin with a Barn Dance and Cheesemaker Mixer at the Green String Farm in Petaluma .

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Chef Phillip's Marin French Blue Apple Tower

On Sunday, February 21, Marin French Cheese Company joined with many other cheese makers, cheese book authors and fine food producers for the Sonoma Valley Cheese Conference at MacArthur Place in Sonoma. Marin French was paired up with chef Phillip Kaufman of Sea Ranch Lodge in Mendocino.

Chef Phillip produced a delicious hors d'oeuvre called the "Marin French Blue Apple Tower." This very simple dishes pops with flavor in your mouth. The crisp apple if sour, compliments the creamy and sweet sensation of the Triple Creme Blue Cheese. In addition it is easy and fast to make.

Marin French Blue Apple Tower

1 wheel Marin French Blue cheese

or substitute with Le Petite Bleu

1 Fuji Apple or other sweet apple

1 bunch green grapes

Turbinado sugar (raw sugar)

1/2c fig balsamic vinegar

1/2c huckleberries

Start by placing fig balsamic vinegar and huckleberries in a saucepan.

Over med heat reduce mixture by half. Set aside.

Next using an apple corer start at stem end of apple and cut out three cylinders.

Slice each cylinder into half-inch circles.

Slice grapes in half

To assemble tower:

Start with an apple circle. Top it with a slice of cheese to cover.

Place a grape slice on plate and sprinkle with sugar.

Using a bakery torch caramelize the sugar.

Place caramelized grape half on top of cheese.

Drizzle reduction over towers.

Serve using toothpicks