Saturday, April 17, 2010

4th Annual Cheese Festival in Petaluma

Chefs Jason and Alicia from Jackson's Restaurant in Santa Rosa

Here we were again at the 4th annual Artisan Cheese festival hosted by The Sheraton in Petaluma, Ca. We sampled seven of our cheese’s including the Petit Dejeuner, our most recent award winner. It was named “Best in The U.S’ at the World Cheese Awards! Another was our newest cheese, the Mélange Camembert, made with half goat and half cow’s milk – 2010 World Championship Cheese Competition Award Winner. We also sampled out our corporate chefs latest creation, a Schloss and ham spread to die for. The recipe is on our web site HERE. Everything was a BIG hit! Six hours later, the crowd of over 1,400 savored everything we brought and in the end, only a few wheels of cheese remained. Notable critics and authors, like Laura Werlin, were there for book signings. The weather turned out to be incredible, rendering the huge tents pointless and despite the huge crowd, everyone seemed to make their way through the event with ease. Of course, they were perfectly willing to wait in line to taste our Petit Dejeuner.

Thank you to the Sheraton and we hope to see all of you there next year.

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