Friday, June 25, 2010

Marin French Cheese Company featured in MC2 magazine

Marin French Cheese Company was recently mentioned in MC2 magazine for mini cooper owners and here is what they had to say:

"If you do decide on a wine and cheese picnic, remember that the choices can be overwhelming. There are literally dozens of cheeses and hundreds of wines to choose from. My advice here is to stay away from the plastic- wrapped supermarket cheddars and instead, buy a serious cheese, such as a camembert, brie, stilton, English cheddar, or Roquefort. Then choose a wine to go with it. To make your decision a little easier, a cheese/wine pairing chart at the end of this article lists the popular pairings. Buy a nice pate, too, as long as you are at it. It will slightly complicate the wine parings, but it will be worth it. Supermarket cheese selection can be somewhat limited in certain areas, but thankfully, there are lots of artesian cheese makers in the states. One such company, the Marin French Cheese Company (Petaluma, CA) sells to gourmet markets and even offers mail order sales through their website (www."

Issue #25 Page 32

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