Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fancy Food Show Report

Marin French Cheese
Company was up front and center in this year’s cheese section at the Fancy Food Show, Moscone Center January 19th-22nd. The halls were filled with a sophisticated crowd tasting award winning cheeses in an attractive booth. Chef Ironbott was on duty serving up special recipes like our famous Schloss and Ham Spread stuffed inside mushroom caps (see video below).

And, lucky guests were able to enjoy Ironbott's inventive desert including our Triple Creme Cheese in a chocolate covered tartlet, which was a big hit as well! Don't these look yummy (they were) above.

It was a good year for the food show with a large turnout and a high caliber of cu
stomers who saw the quality in the products we make. Many also noted that our prices were right. Nothing better than being able to afford the best! Okay, now were bragging.

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